Ann Farley

Ann Farley is a "self taught" artist, whose unconventional childhood informs much of her practise today.  Left to her own devices on the island of Barbados and later in Paris, Ann was free to explore her passion for observing, drawing and making.  A life long journal keeper, she uses her art to respond to life events, record people, places and emotions which she has experienced.  her study of anatomy and medicine at Bristol imbues her drawing style with a comfortable solidity. however Ann taught herself to redraw with her left hand, preferring the tension and wandering unpredictability of the line.  her sense of colour is highly naturalistic whilst her subjects can spill over into allegory, myth and dreams.  

“Art for me is about entering an alternative world  an inner world, I call it my magic place, I can shrug off the everyday and life seems to hold a deeper colour. I need to write and make work regularly as without it life seems poorer.”