Spring has finally sprung!

Although Spring isn’t really in the air we have set our sights on June 7th when we will host the next Mylo Art Sale! We want this show to be our best ever and have been going all out searching high and low for beautiful pieces. The criteria is simple, would we rather keep this for ourselves than sell it? If the answer is yes, then its IN!

We have also asked three of our top favourite, erudite artists to give a talk about their art and their personal creative process. This promises to be fascinating and informative as each of the artists has very different working methods and styles and are at different points in their career, but each are passionate and focused in their own ways and it will be a treat to hear them talk about their art first hand. The cold weather somehow seems genuinely colder in artists' studios - what is it about these spaces? True they are always light, but never well insulated, paper and canvas wilt and curl in the cold, paints and inks freeze and artists lump on layers of clothing and huddle around ancient woodburners (if they are lucky). Its not easy to be a free spirited creative in these conditions, there is a reason that artists have always flocked to places like the South of France! Bring on the warmth and the paintings will follow!!!