Latest Exhibition!

There were so many exciting elements to our show in June. We exhibited some amazing new artists', among them Alex MacIntyre, Iona Stern and Joanne Hummel Newell. Works by these as well as 12 others, were hung in a salon style around the house, which was finished just in the nick of time. It was a pleasure dressing the house in so many beautiful works and it has been a bit of a wrench taking them down. The preview evening went with an extra big bang, assisted by Goedhuis Fine Wine Merchants' delicious rose. We had the most beautiful canary yellow tent in the garden brimming with original prints, the fire pit was going, the wine was flowing, the art was shimmering on the walls. It was a fun evening!

The following day and the big highlight for me was the artists talk. Sally McLaren, Lauri Hopkins and Sophie Bartlett held a riveting and memorable discussion. We covered so much ground, talking about women in art and women as artists, learning more about their backgrounds and training, discussing if there is such thing as “good’ or “bad” art, asking why and what keeps an artist coming back to their studies, about how precious time is, as an artist and as a human, and about doing and being what is true to yourself. Sophie uttered a wonderful line at the end which went something like, “I want it to be real, and I want it to be eternal!!!!” We were inspired!

On Saturday, the tent was transformed into its third incarnation, from exhibition space to art seminar to kids craftastic: We welcomed children of all ages to Katie Carrick-Buchanans' delightful workshops. The busy hubbub of 20 kids making hot air balloons on a sunny afternoon was a gorgeous back drop for the many visitors who came to see the work exhibited in the house.

Thank you, to all the artists who exhibited, your work looked fantastic, and unsurprisingly lots of it found new homes.

Thank you to our artists who gave the talk, to the kids who came to create and to all the visitors who took time out to come and see work by talented artists.

We can’t wait for the next show!