In conversation with the Artists

Following the success of our collection that we showed this November, we are so looking forward to 2019 and are already sourcing beautiful new work for a small exhibition in March which will accompany some exciting interior pieces. Then full steam ahead to our summer show in June, where we will be showing work by new artists as well as our Mylo favourites. There will be workshops, talks, kids' art workshops and the preview evening - always a good party!

In the meantime, for art questions big and small don't hesitate to contact

An introduction to one of our artists, the wonderful Lizbeth Holstein!

Lizbeth was born in Australia, has lived in Spain and South Africa and now calls the rolling hills of Somerset home. She is the creative brains behind the well known stationery brand, and lives and works in a beautiful converted farmhouse. A super creative talent, designer, illustrator and painter, we asked her some quick fire questions:

Have you always wanted to become an artist?

I always wanted to do something creative but to be honest my very first ambition was to become an air hostess until my aunt told me I had to clear up sick, so I changed my mind.

How did you become an 'artist'

After leaving school I travelled a bit and then came home to do an Art Foundation. In the early days I used to create pictures for my brother who printed and framed them and would sell them to local shops, it kind of grew from there, I haven't really ever stopped.

What inspires you?

I am inspired by what I see from day to day. I might see an exhibition of an artist that is totally different to my style and I will go off on a tangent trying to recapture what I have seen, this ends up in frustration, but it still keeps me wanting to explore. When I stop experimenting and get down to my own work, the things I end up painting are the things which surround me, I find inspiration in the simplest form, the everyday object .

What gets you up in the morning

Coffee gets me up in the morning

What gets you into the studio each day?

I have several projects going on at once so when I get frustrated with one I move onto the next, this works very well for me.

What keeps you up at night?

Nothing keeps me up at night! I sleep like the dead

Name three artists that have inspired you

David Hockney - I love his paintings, they are light and confident and carefree, he paints with no particular rules which I admire. William Scott - iconic mid-century modern artist who makes his paintings looks so simple and effortless, I love his choice of pallet and would give my front teeth to own one of his paintings. Carl Larsson - nostalgic Swedish illustrative paintings that tell a story. As I child I had a poster of one of his paintings hanging in my room, I stared at it for hours conjuring up stories about the subject.

"Flowers on the windowsill" Carl Larsson,1891, a print of which hung in Lizbeth's childhood bedroom

Do you mind how people view your work?

I think being an artist there is an amount of ego involved, and ultimately you want people to like your work, so yes, it does matter how people view my work.

What art do you have on the walls at home?

I have an eclectic collection of work, some bought from junk shops, others from exhibitions. All my pictures hanging in my house have a story to me and are very important, if there was a house fire the pictures would be the first thing I gathered up.

A selection of Lizbeth's work arrives at Mylo HQ, Hampshire

We leave the last word to the brilliant Beck Blair. Mylo met Becky in Brighton in 2016. She is as charming as her work, where floating sketchy figures inhabit magical landscapes. To have a look at her work, influences and practice, check out the interview below

Enjoy, and see you in 2019!

x Mylo Art

Did you always want to be an “artist?”

Not exactly! I was always drawn to art and anything creative. I remember being equally interested in Dance as I was in Art, but at about age 17 I decided to pursue art as my focus for further education. It was on my Foundation that I really connected with Painting and my love of colour.

How did you come to be an artist?

After my Fine Art degree my work was seen by Pizza Express at a graduate show in London. They started commissioning me to do original artwork for their branches around the UK, and abroad. I even worked on their restaurant in Delhi, India! So I started my professional career straight away. Which I balanced with lots of travelling throughout my twenties. Then as I moved into my thirties I started having solo shows and showing work at Art Fairs in the UK and internationally. I never had a plan, I have always just followed opportunities as they have presented themselves!

Who has most inspired you?

So many people! As a student it was all the greats of the twentieth century, Picasso, Matisse, Klee, Rothko, to name a few. But as I have got older it's less painting focused, so today I would say, Ursula K LeGuin, Joan Wasser (Joan as Policewoman), and artists like Hilda af Klint, and Elizabeth Cummings.

What gets you up in the morning?

Coffee! But it's decaf filter coffee! Ha! In bed; Heaven.

What gets you to the studio each day?

The desire to paint something good and the incredible buzz that you get when you achieve the perfect balance of expressive freedom with creative intent.

What keeps you up at night?

Worries, but that's pretty rare.

Name three artists whose work you admire and why?

Miranda Skoczek, her colour and simplicity, I feel desire when I look at her work. Moira Firth, her animals and mark making, she achieves a rawness in the animal paintings that is so eloquent and authentic. Idris Murphy, her landscapes and colour palettes are sublime and the work of genius. The dream like quality of her work is very humbling.

Does it matter to you how other people view your work?

In part, I am my harshest critic but I think I would feel sad if people really hated my work but I am also very stubborn and only paint what I want and only show work that I really feel proud of. So if people don't like it at least I know that my artwork comes from a place of authenticity and very hard work. You can't please everyone, so mostly I please myself!

What art do you have hanging at home?

We have lots of fine art prints and paintings. Nick Bodimeade, Emma Brownjohn, Emma Challacombe, Luella Martin, C. Schneider, Sarah Young, Mabel Juli, Finn Mcinally, Shirley Purdie, Hugh Fox, Screen Prince, Jo Riddell, Alice Pattullo, Jonny Hannah, Louise Bristol, and me of course!