The Barley Field @ Hero!

Painting the walls gold at the back of Hero's beautiful fashion and lifestyle show seemed like a good idea a few weeks ago....Finding gold wall paint is actually harder then you would think, and strangely its B&Q who gets first prize. Once the walls were painted the fun bit start which is hanging all the work.

We love to hang work of different styles, medias and genres together at our shows, just as you would in your own home. The linocuts by Liz Somerville, which are deeply engrained with rhythmical pattern, look stunning against the chalky simplicity of Emma Lawrensons screen prints, which reflect forms of nature at their most paired down state. Similarly, the delicate brushwork of Debbie Georges floral still lives, glimmer against the graphic sharpness of Tom Frosts elegant screen prints.

It was lovely to welcome Mylo Arts friends and clients to the opening evening of the Barley Field, and to see all the work up on the glowing gold walls. We have also been hard at work creating the online gallery, having all the work photographed and creating a new instagram gallery @myloartgallery so check it out!!

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