Art - In Real Life

"I have grown to hate remoteness, it thins everything, drains away the pains and pleasures of physical encounters" - Laozi

This august, directly after visiting the National Gallery for the first time since February, I read an article in the Financial Times on Sunday,

"Paintings need to be encountered, physically. The scale, the modulations, the drama of the elements, the energy of the marks - anything and everything about a painting is obliterated on a mobile screen......"

Having had no studio visits, and not being able to show art to clients, I was only working through digital channels and these words could not have resonated more clearly!

Fast forward to October and we have spent a joyful three weeks hanging and exhibiting over 100 works in a fantastic new space in Hampshire (more of which later). The thrill of being able to hang paintings and engage with an audience hungry for a real life encounter is hard to convey. Across the arts, the first hand experience cannot ever be replaced by its digital counterpart. To be able to tell the story of a painting whilst having it hang in front of you, to appreciate the colour and how it changes according to the light in the room, to appreciate the actual surface of a work, to view it from a distance and stand nose length away is a fully fledged 3 dimensional experience which makes you think in so many more ways then gliding across the uniform grid of an instagram post.

We have had such a positive response to the many wonderful works by 10 artists, all of whom have created some remarkable pieces over "Lock Down". Thanks goodness we have been able to pull this show together! It has been energising to share the art with so many visitors who have come to bathe in a bit of beauty. We will continue to show until mid November and are thrilled to announce that our collaboration with our new venue, Woodfire X Coffeelab in Stockbridge, Hampshire, is set to continue.... For more first hand encounters with great paintings, prints and textiles, talks, art classes, and a general big art love in, stay tuned.