2018 here we come!

We have so enjoyed putting together the Ceramics show with the lovely people at Hero over the Christmas period. It was no surprise to us that the beautiful and delicate ceramics by Fliff Carr flew out of the door - these paper thin platters, plates and little treasure bowls, sometimes gilded and embellished with handmade transfers gleaned from Victorian lithographs really are a delight. You can see all the ceramics shows on our online gallery https://www.myloart.co.uk/shop Thank you to all the ceramicists who took part, this is the first show of its kind for Mylo and we have loved learning more about process and materials.

Fliff Carr

So now onward and upward for 2018!! We will be visiting artists and makers in the early part of the year, and are looking forward to promoting Mylos' favourites. We plan to delve into the artists studios, to understand more about the work, inspirations and techniques and share that with you - we will be holding small selections of these artists work, available to view online and by appointment. Work on our studio space should begin this spring, but Mylo Art HQ is finally complete. We are hoping to hold an exhibition of large paintings, drawings and prints this summer - We will keep you posted!