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Liz graduated from Winchester School of Art in 1988 with a degree in Textile Design. In London she freelanced for print design agents whilst continuing to develop her paintings and prints.  She moved to Dorset in 2004 to concentrate on her printmaking and painting. Inspired by Ravilious, Nash and Bawden, her imagery concentrates on landscape and the incidental forms and structures found within it. She does a lot of walking in winter, a perfect time to see a landscape, “it’s bare bones, hard contours, un-obscured structures and un-adorned trees.” Once back in the studio she draws what she’s seen, using sketches, photos and memory and translates these into linocuts. Mylo loves the great sweeping arcs and mark making of her prints, often reminiscent of textiles and highly decorative. Beautiful works that celebrate the essence of the english countryside.