"Between the Fish & the Moon"

A solo exhibition by Becky Blair

14th October - 14th November 2021

“Between the Fish and the Moon”

A new collection of paintings, drawings and ceramics by Becky Blair will open on 14th October at Mylo@Woodfire, Stockbridge and online.


Mylo favourite Becky Blair has created a series of stunning paintings for Mylo this Autumn.  Becky has gone back to her studio and spent time stripping down and exploring her craft.  After a very busy year, she wanted to reconnect with the separateness and quietness of the first lockdown, that she has admitted she has a little nostalgia for, “everything stopped, time stood still and there was a gorgeous freedom to indulge in what I wanted to do, not what I had to do…and the weather was really good, which always helps!”  After initially struggling to find that quiet space and abandoning oil paints which were “driving me crazy, just asking too long to dry", Becky revisited acrylic and finally hit her sweet spot, “ I am very happy with the glowing dreaminess of the paintings.  I was particularly interested in the separateness of the elements and somehow cultivating them into a cohesive picture.”


Alongside the paintings are a collections of pastels, drawings and ceramic platters and cups, handmade by Becky in Brighton, which form a conversation with the painted work.

Artist Talk

Thursday 14th October

Join us over delicious coffee at our Stockbridge gallery for an inspiring talk by artist Becky Blair to launch her solo exhibition, "Between the Fish & the Moon". Becky will discuss how travel & the everyday have influenced her work, the importance of colour and the highs and lows of the creative process. This is a unique opportunity to hear an artist talk in front of their work. The talk will be followed by a Q&A.

Entrance is FREE but please book your space here.

The collection