A collection of recent drawings and paintings by Lizbeth Holstein

A Still Life

“When the soul wants to experience something, she throws out an image and steps into it” Meister Eckhart


A Still Life is a mediation on the past 12 months as experienced by Lizbeth Holstein.  Self taught, she has practised art in its many forms and made objects and paintings for as long as she can remember. Not long in Lizbeth’s company and you quickly sense that she can make or fashion anything.  Like a conjurer she can create a toy, a lampshade, a costume or a sculpture from any materials that she has to hand.  Creativity flows through everything she touches, hence the many homes she has refurbished, the creative collaborations she has been a part of and the countless pieces of art and objects that she has made and exhibited.  

After a nomadic youth living in Spain and South Africa, Lizbeth has settled in Somerset. Half way through the conversion of some barns into a sustainable home, the first lock down commenced.  Like so many of their contemporaries, her grown up children and friends returned home.  The site became a sort of commune with the new lodgers set to work, building polly tunnels and a vast swimming pond alongside the juddering build of the new house.  With her studio already established, Lizbeth was fortunate to be able to work on her art.  She was inspired by her daughter Lilly, and her two friends Sophie and Charlie who were camping in a caravan in the field.  Many of her paintings capture the long limbed millennials waiting for their lives to restart.  Her dogs lounging in the sun, the leaves unfurling on the oak tress, the crumpled bedrooms, the discarded shoes.  The newfound stillness of formerly frenetic beings, set against the rolling rural backdrop of a summer in Somerset.  All these elements feature in the drawings and paintings that have accumulated into a decorative, contemplative series which we are thrilled to be able to show together for the first time.

“It was a very inward looking year, I don’t know what I would have done though, if I hadn’t had my studio, if I hadn’t had my paints and wasn’t able to make things.  If I didn’t have my space with my music, a door to close….sometimes I ran out of materials and I worked on old boards or wrapping paper.  It didn’t matter to me, I wasn’t making the work for anyone other then myself…..  I had to do it, to digest and then expel everything that was happening, it was a form of mediation and in the end we were all very happy…..”

This series of work will be exhibited at Mylo’s new exhibition space in Stockbridge, Hampshire, from 25th March.  


It is also available to view below.


The collection