Becky Blair, Autumn IV
Becky Blair Autumn Series I
Clay Court, BFGF California
Kate Boxer, Skate
Kate Boxer, Ziggy
Jane Cattlin, Table with White Plate
Cattlin, Kitchen Table SOLD
Holly Frean, Dodo
Holly Frean, Elephant I
Holly Frean, Elephant II
Holly Frean, Crocodile
Holly Frean, Brown Bears
Holly Frean, Bison
Holly Frean, Bison II SOLD
Holly Frean, Lion
Holly Frean, Lioness
Holly Frean, Aardvark
Holly Frean, Aardvark II
Holly Frean, Pig
Sophie Harding, Pink Jug and Pears
Pink Jug and Pears
Sophie Harding, Vessel & Shell
Vessel and Shell Fragment
Sophie Harding, Poem
Sophie Harding, Pink Composition
Pink Composition
Sophie Harding, Crockery
Lizbeth Holstein, London Morning
London Morning
Lizbeth Holstein, Lido
The Lido
Lizbeth Holstein, Marseilles
Lizbeth Holstein, Girls Like Flowers
Girls Like Flowers
Lizbeth Holstein, The Way Home
The Way Home
Lizbeth Holstein, Pears SOLD
Lauri Hopkins, Yolk SOLD
Lauri Hopkins, Peak SOLD
Lauri Hopkins, Scribble SOLD
Lauri Hopkins, Margate SOLD
Lauri Hopkins, Porcelain
Lauri Hopkins, Muted
Lauri Hopkins, slip
Lauri Hopkins, slide
Lauri Hopkins, Tulip. SOLD
Jo Hummell-Newell, Neverland
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